Category Name of Chip Qualification
People Craig Federighi Comedy Hour™️ Craig makes literally any joke
People Tim Cook talking realllyyy sloow Tim talks at a slightly slower rate, but everyone still thinks its really funny
People Jony Ive(?) Jony Ive has any involvement in the presentation (even though he left Apple!)
People A music performance Any live/recorded music performance, as they're always completely unnecessary.
People Student Developers Apple showcases some of the student developers!
People Weed Joke(s) Anyone (probably Craig) makes a weed joke
People Deirdre talks about retail Deirdre talking about any updates or changes to Apple retail! #GoRetail
People Eddy Cue being insane This also includes his choice in clothing
People Random Celebrity makes an Appearance Any celebrity shows up to make an appearance, including anyone from Sesame Street.
People Boring guest speaker Someone presents that is so incredibly boring, you try to skip over it, even knowing you're watching the event live.
People "Our Best ___ Ever" ...
People "One More Thing" ...
People "Magical" ...
People "Revolutionary" ...
People "And we're making it available right now" ...
People "Some incredible stuff to show you here today" ...
People "It works just like you would expect it to" ...
People "Something you'll only see at Apple" ...
People "Isn't that great?" ...
People ARM Mac Apple announces are discusses the transition to ARM powered computers running MacOS
People AirTags Apple announces or launches AirTags
People "Apple Prime" Apple announces or launches a service bundle similar to Amazon Prime including multiple existing services (Ex: Apple Music, AppleTV+, Apple Arcade, etc.)
People iOS Visual Refresh The next version of iOS/iPhone OS changes a majority of the foundational design.
People AirPower Apple announces or even discusses the existence of AirPower
People iPhone OS Apple announces the shift of iOS to iPhone OS naming scheme to align with other software.
People Something that didn't leak Apple announces or launches something that wasn't leaked extensively.
People New iMac Design Apple announces or launches a dramatic iMac redesign (Ex: Smaller Bezels, Nano LED Display, etc.)
People New Over-Ear Apple Branded Headphones Apple announces or launches some sort of Over-Ear "pro" headphones. You can also count if Apple changes or updates AirPods.
People Pro Apps on iPad OS Apple announces or discusses the transition of XCode, FCP X, Logic Pro, and other pro apps to iPad OS.
People Reduced Prices Apple lowers the price of any existing products/services.
People More Colors Apple launches any product with a new name for a color. Even if the color is the same, as long as the name changes this will count.
People New Siri Tricks Apple updates Siri to provide more features that are NOT gimmicks and help improve a users workflow.
People Game Demo Apple demo's any game in any capacity.
People Microsoft Any sort of Microsoft product or service is shown during the presentation. This does not necessarily mean a demo.
People Apple Stock goes up Apple stock goes up AT LEAST 15 points.
People Making fun of Leaks Apple acknowledges, jokes, discusses about some of the products that were leaked or specific leakers.
People Software Update after keynote Apple launches new software available to download after the keynote.
People More than 5 feature demos Apple does more than 5 unique demos during the duration of the keynote.
People New Today@Apple Sessions Apple announces new Today@Apple or Today@Apple@Home sessions.
Tech The U1 Chip Apple officially and publicly integrates the U1 chip into iPhone OS, iPad OS, etc.
Tech New SKD's Apple announces or launches BRAND NEW API's/SDK's available for developers.
Tech LiDAR Apple does a demo about new use cases of LiDAR or it's impact.
Tech Project Catalyst Apple discusses the future of Project Catalyst or something related.
Tech Product Refresh Apple announces or launches a refresh/update to any hardware product.
Tech Something Mindblowing/Unexpected Apple announces or launches something that was completely unexpected and had never been leaked or discussed extensively prior. (Ex: Apple Car, Apple Glass)
Tech Changing iPhone OS Update Schedule Apple changes the way the release updates so that more smaller updates are released rather than fewer larger one's.
Tech Better Performance on existing devices Apple announces or releases software that makes existing devices faster or preform more efficiently.
Tech Amazing 3rd party app A new/updated 3rd party app that makes a unique/innovative use of one of Apple's SDK's (Ex: AR Occlusion from Minecraft Earth)
Tech Apple CarKey CarKey is officially implemented into iPhone OS